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Welcome to the Kalindamar Lab,

The Kalindamar Lab is devoted to the investigation of virulence mechanisms of a wide range of animal and plant pathogens. Our lab studies the identification and understanding of the function of bacterial pathogenesis mechanisms using a multidisciplinary approach that includes bacterial physiology and molecular genetics, high-throughput sequencing, and bioinformatics. Our lab uses these approaches for the analysis of pathogenic bacteria to understand their virulence, evolution, transmission, survival, and host-pathogen interactions.

Our goal is to understand and manipulate virulence mechanisms in pathogenic bacteria so as to exploit them for treatment and vaccine development. Our lab strives to the development of effective and cheap vaccines and therapeutic agents for bacterial infectious diseases.

We collaborate with local labs and global scientific communities. Our research draws on a range of collaborations with experts and researchers from microbiology, immunology, molecular biology and genetics, medicine, veterinary medicine, and computer sciences.

Please visit Research Interests  for more information about what our lab does.